Current Projects

Creede Repertory Theatre - Creede, Colorado

Season May - September 2022 

Always..... Patsy Cline, directed by Michael Perlman, as well as Native Gardens directed by Julia Rosa Sosa Chaparro  

Alejandro Rowinsky is a classical guitar player, composer, arranger. 
Born in Montevideo, Uruguay to a family of Polish/Spanish descent, he is a citizen of the United States where he has lived most of his life and currently resides.
He is active in the Central Florida music scene, having worked as a guitarist at Walt Disney World.

Classical guitar is the focus of his performance whose approach to World music also incorporates Flamenco, Tango, Latin American Rhythms and a blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements. Rowinsky explores his multicultural heritage through his compositions inspired by the works of Egberto Gismonti, Bach and Isaac Albeniz, and creates and develops his own creative musical style. He has toured extensively throughout the United States and his concerts often reflects his love of Latin American folklore, incorporating a mix of Spanish, Latin and world elements, strong melodies tinged with a shade of melancholy, with upbeat rhythms and original arrangements, classical masterpieces combined with electronics. 


Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World


Tampa, Florida

Asheville, North Carolina

Baltimore, Maryland

The Righteous Gemstones - HBO

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to be the guitar player for the 80's throwback church scene for the #HBO show Righteous Gemstones. The show aired this past Sunday. Singing and dancing from @jennifernettles and @waltongogginsbonafide. @DannyMcBride's Song Misbehavin.